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Modern dentistry offers many opportunities to save their own teeth even at the stage of acute inflammation.

Leading surgeons and dentists of the clinic “Smile Studio”, located in Kiev on the Left Bank, using apicectomy during the treatment, practice patient’s advisory support on proper preparation for such operations, followed by oral care and precautions to avoid complications. Like any other surgery, rediectomy is indicated not for all patients and is carried out on certain indications.


Indications for rediectomy:

  • Presence of cysts or cystogranuloma
  • Consequences of incorrect treatment of periodontitis. Incorrect treatment of periodontitis usually results in partial filling the teeth canal, whereby the top is empty, or output of the material beyond the root top during endodontic treatment (if indicated)
  • Presence of foreign particles in the tooth root

There are some contraindications to rediectomy:

  • Periodontitis in the acute stage
  • Teeth loosening
  • Exposure of the neck of the tooth root as a result of periodontal disease
  • Acute infectious somatic diseases
  • Exacerbation of cardiovascular diseases
  • Cracks of the tooth root

This operation can last within 1 hour, depending on the position of the tooth. Modern European installations with soft orthopedic chairs, which take body shape, provide all patients with comfort and relaxation. Therefore, time during the treatment flies. Frontal teeth are operated quicker and easier, whilst chewing teeth require more time and effort.


At the stage of diagnostics the specialist takes pictures using X-ray and makes, if needed, 2D pictures with Japanese panoramic X-ray Morita with the lowest level of radiation.

The dentist carries out disclosure and complete cleaning of the root canal. Then comes the stage of expansion and filling the tooth root by hot gutta-percha or other techniques, indicated in this very case. Mouth debridement is carried out no later than two days prior rediectomy.

Don’t be afraid of pain as painless computer anesthesia STA begins to act immediately after administration. First, access to the bone tissue is provided. This technology is carried out by a cut on the gum, followed by peeling of muco-periosteal flap. Then, in the bone there appears a trough in the affected area. By providing access to the top of the root, the surgeon cleans the affected area of the bone and applies a special material for filling the root top.

In case of excision of a cyst in the bone there appears an opening of a certain depth. The doctor puts synthetic bone material right in there. Incision point of mucosal is sutured.


The rehabilitation period is accompanied by comparing images. Wireless X-ray Apixia allows you to take pictures in the most inaccessible areas of the mouth, whilst the doctor can monitor the healing process. For some time, until bone tissue is osseointegrated, you ought to exclude solid foods from your diet.

We care about people’s health and wait for you here: Kiev, Yuri Shumsky 5 str., Berezniaky district, in our modern clinic “Smile Studio”.

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