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To eliminate a cosmetic defect and restore the natural tooth crown modern dentistry offers various filling materials which vary in quality. Fillings, especially older ones, has a porous structure which darkens over time under the influence of coloring food and drinks, besides, it exfoliates resulting in penetration of the infection and re-development of caries. Ceramic inlays are the best alternative to usual filling.


Inlays made of ceramics are high-strength, aesthetic microconstructions which are installed in the tooth cavity. Ceramic inlay fits tightly to the tooth tissue preventing reoccurrence of caries. This is its main advantage.

Dental inlays can be of two types:

  • The constructions which are designed to restore shape and color of the teeth. They partially cover the tooth and are often used for the restoration of side teeth in order to regain their chewing efficiency.
  • Core build-ups are made to restore the crown of the tooth which already has a shape grinded for the crown. Artificial crown is installed on top of the ceramic inlay.

A big occlusal cavity formed as a result of tooth decay, the replacement of old fillings are main factors which are considered as an indication for manufacturing of ceramic constructions.

In which cases it is preferably to install inlays instead of filling:

  • If the tooth is destroyed more than to 60%
  • When installment of high quality filling is problematic due to the shape and volume of the defect on the tooth
  • If the enamel is subjected to increased abrasion
  • When damaged teeth are to be used as an anchor for prosthetic.


  • Resistance to mechanical damage, temperature extremes and maintenance of the original color. Inlays are not subjected to shrinkage, polymerization and do not require polishing.
  • For the restoration of severely damaged tooth ceramic inlays are combined with pins, strengthening the tooth root.
  • The material of such constructions is much stronger and more resistant to abrasion than conventional fillings.
  • High aesthetics. Translucent ceramics completely imitates the color and transparency of the natural tooth enamel.
  • Due to uniqueness of the manufacturing in the lab, ceramic inlays precisely replicate the anatomic shape of the tooth
  • Inlays are made according to the patient’s bite, so they do not provide any discomfort
  • Ceramic inlays are fully compatible with all types of dental prosthetic.

By all measures, ceramic inlays are modern, more effective and complete alternative to the conservative filling.


The procedure of tooth restoration with ceramic inlays consists of three stages, with a break for inlays manufacturing.

  1. Before manufacturing the dentist examines the tooth, which requires restoration, and surrounding tissues. If necessary, he treats gums, teeth and eliminates other defects which can trigger the development of inflammatory process.
  2. Tissues, destroyed by caries, are carefully removed, after which cast model of the teeth is carried out. Then it is sent to the dental lab for the inlay manufacturing. This process takes several days. To close the prepared cavity a temporary filling is set.
  3. When the inlay is prepared, the dentist of our clinic removes the temporary filling, cleans the cavity using special molding substances, which increase the degree of adhesion of dental cement with the tooth tissues, and fixes the inlay into the tooth.

Ceramic inlays care is simple and is not subjected to standard rules of oral hygiene. It is recommended to avoid big loads on the restored tooth.

Quality and durability of ceramic inlays depend on the correct preparation of the tooth and their manufacturing, so you should take a responsible approach to the selection of the clinic.  Specialists of the clinic “Smile Studio” on the Left Bank have extensive experience with ceramic inlays. Besides, we cooperate with the best dental laboratories in Kiev and can guarantee a perfect final result.

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