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Using innovative technologies in dentistry allows restoring aesthetic and functional disturbance of the dentition, even many years after teeth removal.

Many elderly patients come to our dental clinic with a request to restore chewing efficiency and aesthetics of the dentition using implantation. However, almost every aged patient can have progressive atrophy of the bone tissue in the area of extracted teeth.


If bone atrophy was detected in the patient during X-ray diagnostics, the dental surgeon can offer several solutions to this problem:

  • Operation to restore a sufficient amount of bone tissue (bone grafting)
  • One-stage implantation

Bone grafting is surgical intervention for increasing the volume and height of the bone tissue in a place, where implant installation is planned.

This procedure is often indicated for implant installation in posterior teeth on the upper jaw. In fact, there is a bottom of maxillary sinus in the area from 5 to 7 teeth on the upper jaw. After removal of these teeth bone tissue is getting atrophied. To restore chewing efficiency implant installment in the side portions is indicated. Under normal conditions the level of bone tissue in this area is minimized. After teeth extraction and atrophy progression there may be left only a few millimeters of bone. This height is not enough for implant installment which will properly allocate chewing load. That is why, it is necessary to carry out the procedure of sinus lift due to which restores and increases bone height. This operation is performed using a synthetic bone material.


When patients hear that it takes at least 4 months after bone grafting before the new bone implant and then they should wait for another few months, they get upset and make inquiries about alternative methods.

Nowadays, there is one technique which allows you to speed up the process of regeneration of bone tissue in a few times and approach to the stage of implantation. This technique consists of using patient’s blood plasma, which contains growth factors affecting the process of osseointegration. Dental surgeons of the clinic “Smile Studio” offer this technique and can speed up the process of regeneration and bone tissue restoration after surgical intervention.

If you have a problem with atrophy of bone tissue and you require bone grafting, then you are welcome in our clinic. Our highly qualified specialists will help you solve this problem and speed up the healing process. Call and make an appointment to consult with a dental surgeon.

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