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An increased demand and desire to have aesthetic, long-lasting and harmless orthopedic structures became the impetus for the development of new technologies in the field of prosthetics. Ukrainian dentists started to use modern, high quality materials for the manufacturing of dentures and crowns. Metal-free ceramics: pressed E.max and on zirconium alloy – these are the latest achievement in the modern dental practice which is available for patients in the dentistry “Smile Studio”.

Our qualified specialists carry out procedures on teeth restoration of any complexity with metal-free ceramics produced in Germany. Innovative technologies and high quality equipment allows professionals of our dental center to perform complex operations in the field of prosthetics.


Advantages of structures:

  • An extreme durability of crowns. In terms of resistance to mechanical and other influences, they are far superior to the crowns made of other materials
  • Aesthetics and maximum compliance with the anatomy of natural teeth
  • Full compatibility with tissues of the oral cavity. E.max crowns do not cause allergic reactions
  • Versatility – they can be installed on the front and side teeth
  • Structural frame is very thin and lightweight which is why E.max crowns are installed without removing the nerve unlike other types of crowns
  • The absence of gum change around the crowns installed
  • The same color throughout the period of wearing crowns

There are several contraindications to installing E.max crowns which is specified during the consultation with the dentist.


According to this technology, which is still called CAD / CAM (computer-aided design – computer-guided manufacturing), porcelain (ceramic) crowns are made on the basis of zirconium dioxide. The entire process is fully automated which eliminates errors due to human factors.

Such metal-free crowns have a number of advantages over metal-ceramics cast, since the material is highly realistic, fully biocompatible, and rather durable whilst the technology of computer-guided mill grinding of teeth provides exceptional accuracy, up to micron indicators. The procedure of installing crowns on zirconium frame, just like E.max, consists of two stages. This type of prosthetics is used on the front and on the side teeth.


Depending on the state of the dentition the doctor determines whether the patient needs prior preparation of the tooth before installing metal-free crowns. In most cases this is not necessary, and an orthopedist performs a procedure using a minimum number of additional manipulations.


  • The installment begins with a thorough examination and diagnostics of the oral cavity. In case of defect, such as dental caries or periodontal disease, the dentist conducts preliminary preparation and treatment to prevent possible negative consequences.
  • Destroyed tooth tissues subject to excision whilst the tooth – to further grinding by special burs. The essence of such procedure is to improve its shape and to prepare for the future construction. The extent of processing depends on the tooth’s condition. The more destroyed the tooth is, the more tooth tissue should be removed. Painless computer anesthesia STA blocks any unpleasant and painful sensations in the course of the procedure.
  • Then the orthopedist receives jaws impression using special silicone substance.
  • Next comes the process of making crowns. Metal-free E.max crown is made in the dental lab by compression from ceramic blank. As to the ceramic on zirconium frame, first machined is the basis made of dioxide zirconium blank which is covered with a porcelain substance under the control of a computer program.
  • Till the moment of manufacturing of the permanent construction, a temporary crown will be installed on the tooth prepared for the prosthetics. The patient will wear this temporary crown for 3-4 weeks.
  • The final stage is to install finished E.max metal-free ceramic crown.

The advantages of metal-free crowns are undeniable. More and more patients of the clinic “Smile Studio”, located on the Left Bank, give their preference to this type of prosthesis.

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