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Why patients choose Studio Posmishky

We thought through the treatment algorithms and every meter of our workspace so that you feel as comfortable as possible.

The best equipment for the best patients

CAD / CAM - crowns accurate to micron. 100% perfect fit and aesthetics

In our clinic there is a CAD / CAM device, which completely replaces the dental technician. First, the we take the impression then we making models and projecting crowns, veneers, ceramic inlays. Set up the computer and CAD / CAM makes the necessary design without human intervention. This allows to significantly shorten the terms of prosthetics. Work with a dental technician - from 7 days. Work with CAD / CAM from several hours to 2 days.

Ultra-precise diagnostics due to the Japanese X-ray apparatus Morita.

The most important stage in the treatment of teeth is diagnosis. We achieve the highest diagnostic results thanks to our own Morita X-ray machine and the American Kodak machine. We diagnose the problems of canals, bone tissue, we plan implantation of teeth and bone plastics. The device has the lowest level of irradiation among the analogues.

Safe express Beyond whitening with cold LED light.

The most modern and safe American whitening Beyond is available in our clinic at a very attractive price. The patient does not experience discomfort during whitening, teeth do not become sensitive and are whitened for several tones in 60 minutes in one session.

We use this equipment every day:

Modern European placing with soft orthopedic chair receiving body shape
Super bright Italian LED lights on installations
Use of laser technology
Wireless X-ray viewfinder Apixia allows us to take pictures in the most inaccessible places of the mouth
Thanks to the modern Austrian W & H physio dispenser, the implantation process takes place most quickly and accurately and with minimal discomfort for the patient.
Atraumatic surgical ultrasound piezo knife Satelek for comfortable removal of complex teeth
Treatment of tooth canals of the highest degree of complexity due to the Japanese scanning apex locator Dentaport Morita. allows to precisely locate the instrument in the canals of the teeth, etc.
Painless computer anesthesia STA
Painless removal of dental plaque with a disinfecting effect soft gum tissue, care implants Japanese scaler 970 Varios NSK Nakanishi. Thanks to the bright spot illumination reveals 100% of dental plaque.

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The clinic employs a team of professionals

Lystopadova Natalia

Dentist-orthopedist, dentist-orthodontist
Work experience: 20 years.

Сlinic Director
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Iuliia Borodai

Dentist-parodontologist, dental surgeon

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Ivan Sventukh

Orthopedic dentist, dentist-therapeutist

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Lesya Polischuk

Dentist-therapist, dentist-endodontist

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