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Nowadays occupational therapy for children and adolescents (hygiene lessons for children) is a pressing issue for many parents, who are eager to deliver their kids from dental diseases in the future. Dental health as well as health of the entire organism starts from adolescence. In adulthood people already have a row of dental problems which were not duly examined at the stage of their final formation.


Kids and adolescents’ dentistry is one of the main directions of the modern clinic “Smile Studio”, situated in Kiev, Yuri Shumsky 5 str., Berezniaky district, Left Bank. Here you will find top-of-the-range specialists, majoring in pediatric dentistry.

After having visited our dentists your child will have neither bad feelings nor further fear of the doctor as here there is a special and friendly approach to all little clients, while all procedures are carried out with advanced hardware, which is in itself an object of interest for junior patients.

  • Ultramodern orthopedic chairs which provide memory-effect and adjust to the shape of a concrete human body
  • Powerful microscopes, equipped with German optics
  • Wireless X-ray Apixia etc.


Occupational therapy implies a thorough tooth cleaning from plaque and deposits in order to prevent decay of milk teeth. Similar procedures cannot be carried out at home – one can only maintain the resulting effect by completing dentist’s recommendations on a regular basis.

Many parents will be surprised to see how extensive can be tartar and plaque proliferation in many teens and children. Using special indicators, dentists visualize damage picture, afterwards they take decisions on the necessity of hygienic procedures. Due to special pastes, brushes and other dental tools the whole tooth surface can be fast and painlessly cleaned from bacterial colonies and solid deposits. After the procedure dentists recommend teeth remineralization which enables enamel saturation with nutrients.

The final stage of occupational therapy for children and adolescents will be detailed consultation on oral care at home. Specialists will tell and show you how to brush teeth properly (many parents are not aware of that, let alone teenagers), how long one should brush teeth and which brushes and tooth pastes are the most suitable. Individual hygiene instruction is particularly important, when the child is wearing ortho-plates or brackets. Presence of any construction of this kind in the mouth cavity facilitates food retention, deterioration of daily hygiene efficiency and thus increases the possibility of pathologic damage of tooth tissue and gums. Even a thorough daily hygiene treatment by means of brackets foresees obligate performance of professional tooth cleaning at least once every 6-7 months.

Specialists of the clinic “Smile Studio” are convinced that modern preventive measures can help avoid various diseases and dental impairments. The core instrument which helps prevent most of severe pathologies is occupational therapy for children and adolescents and hygiene lessons for children.

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