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Surgery in our dental clinic “Smile Studio” is equipped according to all sanitary requirements. We employ specialists, narrowly focused on surgical dentistry. Our dental surgeons are constantly training and attend overseas internships to adopt European and world experience in the treatment of surgical patients and implementation of modern technologies in the surgical record. Teeth extraction is one of the most common surgical operations in dentistry. In our clinic, specialists follow the rule of teeth conservation, however, if no other options, experts have to extract teeth.


Any manipulation in dentistry requires thorough diagnostics. Surgical intervention requires a specialist to carry out X-ray diagnostics very carefully. Depending on the clinical situation, a specialist can use a spot teeth X-ray in order to see clearly the location of the tooth root, which is to be removed. If there is a need to have several teeth extracted, then a dental surgeon can make a panoramic picture of the teeth in order to evaluate the dentition system more thorough. After diagnostics a dental surgeon in conjunction with the patient decides about further treatment plan. Before surgery it is necessary to clarify, whether the patient has any allergic reaction to the anesthetic used during anesthesia. In our clinic we use computer anesthesia STA – the latest development in the dental market in this segment. Computer anesthesia evenly and slowly distributes anesthetic at the site of manipulation. This technique ensures that there will be neither bruises, nor bumps that occur as a result of spasms of the neurovascular bundle with the administration of anesthesia.


Wisdom teeth extraction should be carried out on an outpatient basis in the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery. However, our surgery allows receiving patients who need to have their eighth teeth extracted. We have all the necessary tools to carry out operations of any complexity. Here we also carry out atypical extraction of wisdom teeth.

When it is necessary to have wisdom teeth extracted:

  • They should be extracted according to clear indications
  • Impacted wisdom teeth, which put pressure on neighboring teeth molars
  • Erupted wisdom teeth, which displace neighboring teeth and cause malocclusion
  • According to orthodontic indications. To free up space in the jaw for mobility of neighboring teeth
  • Impacted wisdom teeth, which cause inflammation of the bone, developing into a cyst
  • Erupted wisdom teeth, affected by caries

Using innovative equipment and advanced treatment protocols in dental practice allows dentists to carry out teeth extraction of any complexity atraumatically for the patient, speeding up postoperative rehabilitation. Specialists of our clinic widely use piezosurgical appliance in their dental practice. This is a special surgical hand-piece for surgical interventions in hard-reaching areas. Piezosurgical appliance allows:

  1. Bloodless removal of impacted wisdom teeth
  2. Atraumatic cleavage of alveolar bone for implant placing and bone grafting
  3. Extraction of bone block for transplantation
  4. Atraumatic sinus lift with speeding up tissue healing
  5. Antiseptic processing due to the work of ultrasound.

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