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Fluoride, magnesium and calcium are keystone components which provide strength and healthy appearance of teeth. Their absence leads to enamel decay, increased sensitivity to mechanical damage and plaque formation. Over time, this may be a reason for poor dental health and thus for further treatment. In preschool children and teenagers as well as pregnant women the risk of lacking minerals in the tooth tissue is particularly high. Remineralization therapy is a procedure to restore mineral composition of teeth. This is an effective and absolutely safe procedure which increases enamel strength and hardness and maintains teeth integrity.


As of today, dental clinic “Smile Studio”, located in Kiev, Yuri Shumsky 5 str., Berezniaky district, Left Bank, performs services of teeth strengthening by applying an innovative technique of profound calcium remineralization. To carry out this procedure dentists use special medicines

This procedure is used in case of:

  • Teeth decay
  • Increased teeth sensitivity
  • Decay preventive measures
  • After orthodontic treatment
  • After teeth whitening
  • Wedge-shaped defect


Before the procedure a doctor does an X-ray using modern and safe equipment – Japanese panoramic X-ray Morita with a very low level of radiation. Besides, there is a service of preventive teeth cleaning from plaque and tartar. The processed surface is dried by warm air. Hygienic cotton moistened in special solution with minerals is applied on problem areas.

Dentists of our clinic use wireless X-ray Apixia, when necessary, which allows taking pictures in remote places and revealing damage of tooth enamel of the entire dentition.

Specialists of our clinic use effective and modern techniques to enrich dental tissue with calcium in complex with fluoridating.

Step by step layer of the first saturation is applied on the tooth surface and then the other. The first portion penetrates into the pores of the destroyed enamel whilst the second portion stimulates the reaction of inner dental tubules. As a result of such interaction there appear microscopic compounds in the tissue depth – those connections are crystals made of calcium and fluoride. Using innovative technologies allows professionals to increase effectiveness of carrying out such procedures in times.

The continuity of such procedure depends on dental health and can last from five to twenty minutes. After its completion the processed surface is coated with sodium fluoride solutions and then left for a few minutes. Modern European equipment with soft orthopedic chairs, which take shape of the body, provides comfort for patients during such procedures.

Remineralization of tooth enamel is often carried out in complex with the procedure of plaque and tartar removal and teeth whitening.


Dentists of the clinic “Smile Studio” on the Left Bank carry out remineralization therapy in a few different ways:

  • Cleaning with special solutions
  • Application overlapping
  • Tooth enamel coating with special gels and polishes

Clinic services also include remineralization therapy of milk teeth, which are subjected to decay and enamel destruction under the influence of mechanical damage.

Dental clinic “Smile Studio” implements ultrabright Italian LED lamps on the equipment in order to increase efficiency of procedures and for the dentists’ convenience.

High-professional medical staff, application of modern technologies and innovative techniques allows achieving great results in the field of hygienic cleaning of the oral cavity and enriching enamel with minerals.

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