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Dental implantation is the most modern way to restore chewing efficiency and aesthetics of the dentition at any age. If a patient has for some reason one or more teeth extracted, then dentists carry out the procedure of teeth implantation to restore the lost tooth.


  • The patient turns to the clinic with complaints of certain aesthetic or functional disorders.
  • Sometimes the patient can go to the clinic with a completely different problem, and dental implantation arises as a result of its solution.
  • Then a dental surgeon conducts thorough diagnostics of dental system. In our clinic we use 2 types of X-Ray diagnostics. To obtain an overall picture of all teeth we use Morita appliance which makes orthopantomograms or 2D images. To get information about the state of bone tissue of the local area from 1 to 3 teeth or alveolar bone, we use radiovisiograph Apixia. If necessary, an implant surgeon in our clinic may prescribe 3D image or a CT scan.
  • After diagnostics a dental surgeon discusses further treatment plan with the patient and schedules the procedure of implantation. Immediately prior to the procedure the patient receives a number of useful recommendations from a specialist.
  • Installation of each implant is carefully planned – from the surgical stage of implant placing to the final installation of a permanent tooth crown.
  • The implant fully performs the function of a lost tooth and can serve for a long time, if the patient sticks to hygiene rules.
  • Depending on the bone tissue state, a dental surgeon can offer the patient one-stage implantation.
  • If the patient has a pronounced atrophy of the dentition, he may need bone grafting. It will be clear only after the diagnostics.

Here, in the clinic, we use implant systems of the highest quality. During the operation we use the most modern devices for placing implants in the bone which is the most non-invasive procedure. Wide experience of dental surgeons of the clinic “Smile Studio” ensures implant osseointegration in virtually 100% of cases (provided that the patient follows the doctor’s advice).


It comes as no surprise that very often patients are afraid of a dentist and do not consent to any treatment.

Sometimes it happens that patients are very busy and they have no time to visit a dental clinic.

Or the patient just doesn’t want to bother during treatment and wants to get final result in a short period of time.

In any of these situations we are able to offer our patients dental treatment and implantation in sleep. We use visiting anesthetist who puts the patient in and out of the state of light sleep. In this case the patient is conscious and able to respond to the doctor’s request during implantation. However, pain and fear is leaving the patient only when he is most relaxed. During medication sleep a doctor uses the most modern non-addictive medicines.

Recovering from medication sleep lasts only a few minutes, after which the patient does not feel any discomfort.

After implant placing the patient necessarily receives a number of post-operative recommendations that must be followed. These tips may help the patient undergo a period of rehabilitation after implantation in Kiev as comfortable as possible. Make an appointment to a dental surgeon of our clinic – he will help any patient restore the dentition!

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Consultation of an implantologist 10
Implantation of MegaGen (Korea) 204
Implantation DiO (Korea) from 285
Implantation Straumann Roxilid (Switzerland) from 610
Augmentation from 46
Setting the gum former from 25
Sinus-lifting closed 69
Sinus-lifting open from 190
Installation of orthodontic microimplant from 35

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