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Not everyone is endowed with an attractive smile and beautiful straight teeth. Defects in the tooth shape or malocclusion are a common problem. One of the most effective ways to treat the dentition is lingual bracket system. Its invisible structure is in the shape of plates – which eliminated all the defects during wearing within 1.5 – 2 years.

Top orthodontists of the clinic “Smile Studio” on the Left Bank in Kiev have extensive experience in working with lingual brackets and note that this is a very effective construction, although it is more difficult to get used to them than to vestibular brackets. The peculiarity of lingual system installation is their attachment on the inner side of the teeth, not the outside.


  • Aesthetic appearance during wearing
  • They are useful in correcting overbite and other complex disturbances of occlusion
  • Avoiding contacts with the oral mucosa and its disorder
  • Manufacturing of bracket systems using hypoallergenic materials
  • Decreasing the probability of further caries occurrence on the frontal teeth (compared to conventional systems)

This type of bracket systems is suitable for correction of bite in the musicians who play wind instruments, sportsmen of contact sport or just for those who consider it important to have an aesthetic smile line.

Wearing brackets can often lead to teeth demineralization. Lingual brackets allow such a thing, but it would be invisible on the inside surface of the teeth. If desired, the clinic can offer to use laser technology to restore the enamel, followed by teeth whitening.


First of all, an orthodontist performs a complete cleaning of the oral cavity. Without this step, the installation of brackets is impossible. Based on the results of teeth and soft tissues diagnostics, the specialist will perform appropriate treatment and preventive measures. Cleaning of the oral cavity does not bring any discomfort to the patient. Painless computer anesthesia STA maximally blocks pain. After making sure that the tooth surface is cleaned from tartar and plaque, the dentist proceeds to the next stage of treatment.

After that, the orthodontist proceeds to diagnostics. Japanese panoramic X-ray Morita, distinguished by the lowest level of radiation, helps reveal pathologies of the bone tissue and determine the position of teeth in the dentition. On the basis of the panoramic image specialists identifie the level of disorderliness and makes a final diagnosis.

After receiving a panoramic image or computer tomography data, specialists take impressions of the upper and lower jaw. This impression allows the orthodontist to determine the ration of dentition.

Then this impression is sent to the dental lab, where it is laser scanned, whilst an individual design is made guided by the computer program. This process guarantees an outstanding quality of the system.

An orthodontist develops a scheme of wearing lingual brackets and a visiting schedule to the clinic to correct the position of brackets.

Patients always wonder how long lingual bracket treatment lasts. According to the experience of our specialists, standard treatment period in this very case takes 1-1.5 years. More specific terms depend on each individual case. In case of minor defects minimal wearing time is up to 6 months, for the expansion of the dentition or elimination of gaps between the front teeth 4-5 months will be enough. In case of serious pathology of occlusion treatment can last up to 2.5 years.

Next visit will involve the installation of brackets. This long and painstaking process takes several hours. Dental expansion screw relieves the jaw from a constant tension during the process and provides a full extension of the mouth for the whole period of the procedure. Special overlays are installed on the sixth teeth which serve for holding the bracket-system base. Initially brackets are fixed on the lower jaw. After two weeks, they are set on the top row.

It takes from 2 weeks to a month for the patient to get used to brackets. During this time, the function of chewing and articulation is normalizing.


  • Improving the aesthetics of your smile
  • Neat facial features
  • Fully restored chewing function
  • It relieves tension in the interaction of teeth, muscles and joints of the jaw

Our work results in grateful feedback from our patients. Come for a beautiful smile in our clinic “Smile Studio”, located in Kiev, Yuri Shumsky 5 str., Berezniaky district.

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