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Inflammation and gum bleeding are a quite frequent phenomenon. This is the initial stage of periodontitis development which destroys the bond between the gum and teeth. As a result, necks of the teeth expose which increases the risk of their loss. Treatment of periodontitis involves a number of procedures to clean the surface of teeth from plaque, polish exposed roots, and then the gum restores its structure and fits tightly to the teeth. In case of development of large periodontal pockets and inflammation, surgical intervention is necessary. Plastic periodontics specialists use several methods of closing the exposed roots and reducing periodontal pockets.


In modern dentistry flap operations not only eliminate the effects of periodontal disease, but also reduce the likelihood of bone tissue atrophy. In addition, such procedures eliminate periodontal pockets.

The essence of the procedure is the replanting of synthetic bone material under the cut gum tissue which causes reduced teeth mobility. The effectiveness of this treatment was proved in practice. Such method is particularly effective in the advanced stage of periodontal disease.


Dentists of the clinic “Smile Studio” perform flap operations of any complexity in private operating rooms with modern equipment. Our experts have extensive practical experience in the field of periodontal surgery.

Indications for flap operation:

  • Gum disease and soft tissue bleeding
  • Periodontal pockets are deeper than 5 mm
  • When there is need to form connective tissue attachment for the restoration of bone tissue further growth
  • Teeth loosening
  • Defects correction of the edge gingival tissue

Dentists of the center “Smile Studio” on the Left Bank, using modern high-tech equipment, carry out the following types of flap operations:

  • Removal of subgingival dental deposits and plaque (surgical curettage)
  • Removal of the affected inflamed granulating tissue from under the gum. To perform this procedure dentists use painless computer anesthesia STA which delivers from pain and discomfort
  • Elimination of periodontal pockets. Before the procedure the doctor makes an X-ray radiography using Japanese panoramic X-ray Morita distinguished by the lowest level of radiation
  • Stimulating regenerative process of bone tissue by replanting bone-forming material


Periodontists of our clinic also perform operations on surgical management of gingival recession which affects aesthetics of the smile line. The use of innovative technologies in complex with modern facilities maximizes effective elimination of this pathology.

There are several preconditions for gingival recession:

  • The defect caused by an inflammatory process as a result of periodontitis lesion
  • In case of gym damage during teeth brushing with a stiff brush or toothpicks
  • In case of pronounced connective tissue formations (bands and ties), when the gum in the teeth area is under constant tension. Over time, this may lead to recession.
  • Malocclusion

This defect can be removed solely surgically. This operation is aimed at closing the exposed teeth and restoring contour of healthy gum tissue. The essence of this surgical intervention is to transplant a flap from the palate into the area of gingival recession. This is a sparing procedure the result of which largely depends not only on doctor’s professionalism, but also on the patient’s health.

Modern European equipment with soft orthopedic chairs with memory-effect provides patients with comfort during such operations. Highly professional dentists guarantee high quality execution of all types of plastic surgeries in the oral cavity. Our dental center “Smile Studio” is located in Kiev, Yuri Shumsky 5 str., Berezniaky district.

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