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Removable prosthetics in modern dentistry is one of the most sought after directions. Partial or complete loss of teeth is not only aesthetical problem, but, first of all, functional disorder of chewing which directly affects digestive tract. Therefore, regular checkups, dental care and timely treatment are mandatory for all who care about their health.


High quality restoration of chewing efficiency and an attractive smile, provided that you turn to a specialist, is possible even in the case of full edentia (teeth loss).

“Smile Studio”, located in Kiev on the Left Bank, has at its disposal all necessary equipment and a staff of highly skilled professionals for performing modern removable prosthetics of any level of complexity.

For an effective treatment and prosthetics and the most efficient work of our specialists the clinic is provided with:

  • Computer anesthesia STA
  • Wireless X-ray Apixia
  • Japanese panoramic X-ray
  • Dental installations with memory effect and more modern equipment

Each patient who turns to our clinic will receive a complete detailed consultation on the current state of oral health and, if necessary, our dentists suggest possible solutions for addressing existing problems.

Our dentists-orthopedists practice quite a number of methods of prosthesis removing, where each of them has its indications and manufacturing specifics. Which one is the best – a specialist decides after thorough diagnostics.


In our clinic there are all main dentures of a removable type:

  • Nylon
  • Acrylic
  • Clasp

Each of them differs in manufacturing material, mounting, cost and other characteristics.

Acrylic dentures are most affordable for the time being. They can be manufactured in the complete absence of teeth or only in the part of missing teeth. The doctor gets the impression of the jaw or alveolar bone (when fully edentulous), according to which the dental technician makes a preliminary model of prostheses, followed by adjustment of the process, and if the prosthesis does not bring any discomfort to the patient, the specialists produce the final version made of special and modern acrylic mass.

Advantages of acrylic constructions:

  • The most affordable
  • The material is rather lightweight, one can quickly get used to it
  • Service life – up to 10 years
  • When chewing, load is distributed evenly onto the mucosa and bone tissue and not only on the abutments which allows you to keep them healthy
  • They do not require special care


  • They can injure soft issues
  • There is a chance of allergic reaction
  • They are of the middle level aesthetics

Nylon dentures are elastic nylon constructions corresponding to the color of gums. They look very natural – they are securely fixed without additional clasps. This type of prosthetics is most suitable for patients with almost a complete absence of teeth.

Advantages of nylon dentures:

  • Hypoallergenic material
  • High aesthetic
  • They are comfortable in using
  • One gets used to them quickly
  • Designed for at least 5 years of service


  • Certain nuances in care
  • The risk of damaging the edge gums
  • Impossibility of their correction or restoration

Clasp dentures are a great alternative to other types mentioned above. However, they are suitable only for those patients who have abutment teeth. These modern prostheses are almost imperceptible in the mouth. Their basis is a thin metal arc with artificial crowns made of porcelain or porcelain fused to metal. The construction is attached to the supporting teeth with help of special clasps (metal hooks) or microlocks (they are completely invisible and they relieve pressure from the abutment teeth).

Advantages of clasp dentures:

  • They are comfortable and easy to attach and remove
  • You can leave them for the night
  • Minimal care
  • More reliable and durable than other types
  • Completely invisible


  • The relatively high cost

Today removable dentures can often be the only option for restoring the dentition in the elderly. In addition, they have virtually no contraindications. They are affordable, non-invasive, reliable and easy to use. Patients don’t need to worry about accidental loss of the prosthesis. They look really great and do not cause discomfort or other problems.

Removable prosthetics has reached a new level – now there possess adapted lightweight design, aesthetics, functionality and practicality all of which is not a dream any more. Clinic “Smile Studio” in Kiev may be your reliable guide to the world of health and a beautiful smile.

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