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Endodontic canal treatment came to a new level of development. Under usual circumstances dentists cannot see what is happening in the root canal of the tooth without extra equipment. That is why, dentists of the clinic “Smile Studio” put on record using the microscope with German optic Stern for tooth canal treatment. For several decades the quality of optic has been improving in order to be close to perfection. Specialists, working under the microscope, can see the complete picture without distortion.

We didn’t get used to taking risks and want to be completely honest with our patients. Thus we offer endodontic canal treatment using the best optic.

Endodontic teeth treatment is one of the most responsible and serious stages of dental treatment, on which directly depends further fate of the tooth. According to statistics, in 85% cases conventional canal treatment without using microspores, hot gutta-percha and 3D canal obturation proved to be ineffective. In multi-rooted teeth this figure reaches 90% threshold.


  1. Specialists even with 100% eyesight cannot see the complete picture of what is happening in the root canal through a small opening in full size. Therefore, all the steps for disclosure, expansion, treatment and filling the canal are approximate.
  2. Without microscopes it is hardly to find additional offshoots of the main root canals. The specialist fills only the main canal, whilst microorganisms, which can cause re-inflammation, remain in offshoots.
  3. By conventional filing root canal is filled unevenly, leaving voids for accumulating and multiplying of pathogenic bacteria which can lead to a recurrence of inflammation.
  4. Obsolete filling pastes or the technique of gutta-percha condensation is not always effective. Therefore, the secondary inflammation can lead to the development of granuloma and then cysts. These consequences should be eliminated surgically.


Specialists of the clinic “Smile Studio” use the latest innovations in order to maximize the quality of their work and make our patient’s life much easier. That is why we use the technique of 3D obturation of root canals. This treatment regimen comprises of preliminary opening the cavity, canal expansion under the microscope, cleaning canals from pathogenic microorganisms. The difference is only in the final stage of canal filling. Our clinic uses the technique of hot gutta-percha. This technology made a tremendous difference in endodontic treatment. Earlier, gutta-percha was used only cold. Today, experts have learned to warm up the material and put it into the root canal. It allows the specialists to fill evenly not only the main root canal, but also its smallest offshoots. While gutta-percha is being warmed up in a special oven, the material is getting very elastic which helps to fill the entire microtubule network. This prevents voids formation and uneven canal filling.

The patient should be aware that poor quality filling of root canals may eventually lead to severe consequences which need to be eliminated surgically. More so, repeated endodontic treatment of already filled canals is much more expensive and not always effective.

Using the microscope in dental practice of our specialists in the clinic “Smile Studio” along with the innovative technique of three-dimensional root canal obturation guarantees a positive result for many years without recurrent inflammatory process.

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Lystopadova Natalia

Dentist-orthopedist, dentist-orthodontist
Work experience: 20 years.

Сlinic Director
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Kondrashov Bogdan Vyacheslavovich

Dentist-orthopedic surgeon

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Lesya Polischuk

Dentist-therapist, dentist-endodontist

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Cost of services

Root canal treatment. Endomotor passage, treatment and sealing of hot gutta-percha 34
Dismantling of 1 root channel from 12
Treatment with depophoresis 1 root channel (1 session) 12
Removing a foreign body from the root canal  from 10

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