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Diagnostics is one of the main stages of dental treatment. Nowadays, there are several options of X-ray diagnostics. Depending on the clinical situation, the dentist may resort to:

  • Local X-ray diagnostics to display a particular section of the dentition. Dentists of the clinic “Smile Studio” use an innovative radiovisiograph Apixia, allowing make pictures in remote places.
  • Orhopantomogram or a panoramic dental X-ray. It is widely used in dental clinics to diagnose the patient’s entire dentition system and the condition of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). On this 2D high quality image you can see all the teeth, bone structure and maxillary sinuses. Our dental clinic “Smile Studio” has got Japanese appliance Morita. In addition to high definition images, the device has minimal impact of X-rays on the human body.
  • 3D diagnostics and computer tomography. For today this is the most effective method of dental diagnostics. On the photo, taken through computer tomography, patient’s jaws are displayed in three dimensions. With the image like that the dentist can study in detail the anatomy of each tooth and the bone tissue which surrounds it.


Depending on the clinical situation, which led the patient to the dental chair, the specialist may use one or more types of X-ray diagnostics. Periapical X-ray picture, taken by Apixia, allows you to instantly see the local area of the jaw (1 to 3 teeth). This image is displayed on the computer monitor for the patient to see the situation, if needed. This type of diagnosis is used during the treatment, canal filling, before teeth extraction, final X-ray diagnostics of any of the stages.

The need to use 2D image is responding to the dentist’s desire to see the full picture of patient’s dentition system. This image shows filled canals, the position of non-erupted teeth, the presence of tumors near root tops (granuloma, cysts). This image enables complete diagnostics of the oral cavity alongside with visual examination and palpation.

Specialists of our clinic carry out diagnostics of the oral cavity to identify all possible causes of a disease. Only after visualizing the condition of dental system a dentist from any clinic can diagnose and plan all further steps of therapeutic or surgical treatment and teeth prosthetics.

Make an appointment to dental specialists of the clinic “Smile Studio” in order to get high quality diagnostics and drawing up a detailed plan for treating diseases of dental system.

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