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Everyone dreams of a shiny white smile. Nowadays it is also considered as an attribute of image and success. Only a few of us are lucky enough to have perfect white teeth. But even in this case teeth begin to lose their whiteness: pigmented particles of food and drinks reach micropores which are present even in the healthiest teeth enamel. The greatest damage to the color of teeth brings coffee, tea, red wine and juices, smoking. Darkening and thinning of the enamel can cause some diseases and taking medicines. One brushing twice a day to maintain the natural color of teeth is not sufficient. After every meal you should clean, floss and rinse the oral cavity.

Many patients try to whiten their teeth at home – with baking soda, lemon, hydrogen dioxide. This procedure proved to be of little effect. However, if you cannot see the damage, it does not mean that there isn’t such. Damage can be caused by such sorts of procedures. In fact, these are harsh chemicals that alter the acid-alkali balance and destroy enamel.

The best option is to turn to the professionals in the clinic “Smile Studio” on the Left Bank. We can offer you the newest and the most effective way – teeth whitening Magic Smile which creates dazzling Hollywood smiles.


Technology ‘Magic Smile’, the essence of which is to whiten the enamel using cold blue light, was invented in the United States and today it is the most effective and completely safe procedure. First and furthermost, we would like to tell you about the advantages of cold whitening:

  • Teeth are getting in 7-12 shades whiter and in some cases as much as 15!
  • Whitening ‘Magic Smile’ is completely harmless and entails no unpleasant consequences
  • The entire process is performed in one go which takes 40 to 60 minutes
  • The effect of whitening is long-lasting in comparison with other techniques – to 1-1.5 years, followed by slow disappearance
  • Teeth are not subjected to overheating which does not increase their sensitivity in the future
  • The procedure can be performed at fluorosis which is considered as a contraindication to other whitening methods.
  • Whitening Beyond can also be used for older people thanks to its safety and security.

The only disadvantage of the technology ‘Magic Smile’ is that the procedure of whitening can be performed only on ‘natural teeth. If the teeth have inlays, crowns or veneers, it won’t work as they don’t change the color.


  1. With a special palette a physician determines the current teeth shade (to see to what extent the result of whitening can be considered as effective).
  2. The next stage is to apply gel which protects the tissues from exposure to the reagent.
  3. Eyes are closed with special glasses to protect the retina from occasional beams.
  4. With a special brush doctor applies the gel ‘Magic Smile’ monitoring substance uniformity and distribution.
  5. Teeth are illuminated by the lamp ‘Beyond’ with cold blue light.
  6. After the procedure the gel is washed off completely.
  7. The doctor compares teeth shades before and after the procedure.

After the procedure you should keep to a colorless diet within 1-2 days. You should eliminate food and drinks containing dyes (especially coffee, tea, wine and juices) and smoking is also forbidden. For further care our dentist will provide recommendations. To support the most long-lasting effect the developers of ‘Beyond’ offer a range of products for special care: soft toothbrushes, pastes with whitening effect as well as conditioners which form an ultrathin membrane on the enamel that prevents teeth staining.


Our clinic “Smile Studio” employs qualified, experienced and responsible professionals. We strongly recommend you not to carry out such serious procedures like teeth whitening in unknown private offices, even if they offer to carry out procedures at a low cost with guarantee. Such guarantees are not worth anything, more so, it is almost impossible to punish the guilty, while the follow-up treatment may be long-term and expensive.

Clinic “Smile Studio” is located in Kiev, on the Left Bank, Yuri Shumsky 5 str., Berezniaky district. Come to us for a snow-white smile!

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