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High quality treatment and teeth restoration – this is a process which requires professionalism. Today, dental clinic “Smile Studio” on the Left Bank is one of the most modern dental centers in the capital, offering a wide range of services in the field of therapy, orthodontics, periodontics, prosthetics and surgery at the professional level for all patients (including foreign visitors). One of the most demanded procedures for the time being is professional teeth cleaning. What is it?




This is one of the safest and most effective methods of cleaning the oral cavity, the essence of which is to remove dental plaque (decay and soft plaque), using professional tools and equipment. This procedure is performed by a dentist in his office. At home this procedure will be of no effect.

Deposits on teeth appear in hard-to-clean areas from food debris, phosphorus and calcium salts, bacteria and dead cells of oral mucosa epithelium. In conjunction with saliva appeared bacteria create at first soft deposits, which are then cemented into solid deposits. It cannot be removed independently. Only a specialist, using special tools and hygiene items, can return your teeth their original cleanliness.

Advantages of professional hygienic cleaning:

  • Removal of solid and soft deposits on the tooth surface
  • Enamel whitening
  • Prevention and treatment of periodontitis
  • Elimination of bad breath
  • Prevention of tooth decay
  • Removal of plaque in the gingival pockets
  • Prevention of bleeding gums

There are almost no contraindications for this procedure as well as disadvantages. Some contraindications are relative.

Cleaning teeth with an ultrasonic scaler has a cooling effect, thereby reducing discomfort during the removal of plaque and decay. Using Air-Flow technology enables not only cleaning teeth from plaque, but it also has whitening effect in certain clinical situations. If you have sensitive teeth, then it may cause discomfort. In this case, a dentist will offer to use painless computer anesthesia STA – one of the most modern and totally safe methods of pain relieving.


Patients, who are incompetent in the field of dentistry, cannot often understand, whether they need hygienic cleaning. Yet there are some factors-indications for this procedure:

  • Bad breath in the absence of gastrointestinal diseases
  • The presence of visible dental deposits
  • Gum subsidence
  • Discoloration of periodontal tissues
  • Pain in the oral cavity when chewing hot, spicy or salt food
  • Teeth mobility

If you have mentioned problems, ask our specialists for help. Experienced dental hygienist will determine the necessity and scope of the procedure.


Work in our clinic is based on high professionalism, responsibility of medical staff and an individual approach to each patient.

  1. Wireless X-ray Apixia allows doctors to take pictures in the most inaccessible areas of the oral cavity. This helps conduct maximally thorough diagnostics and detect the presence of even hidden problems in teeth.
  2. Innovative technologies and modern equipment enable performing all dental procedures, including hygienic teeth cleaning painlessly and effectively.
  3. Modern European installations with soft orthopedic chairs which take shape of the body are intended primarily for comfort of patients during dental procedures and operations.
  4. Backlight of ultrasonic scaler on the installation directs the light beam onto the work area, thereby increasing dentist’s concentration and quality of professional hygienic cleaning.
  5. After treatment patients can undergo consulting training on proper oral care, carried out by the doctor.

Services of the clinic of aesthetic dentistry, located in Kiev, Yuri Shumsky 5 str., Berezniaky district, are based on modern equipment, the most advanced technologies and high-level professionalism. We guarantee perfect quality of our work.

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