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Observations over the past several years show that many patients head to a dentist because of gum inflammation. At the initial stage the disease does not necessarily bring discomfort – it occurs virtually asymptomatic. Patients can see traces of blood on the toothbrush while brushing their teeth, feel irritation from cool liquids and sometimes they cannot see that this is probably a sign of the initial stage of parodontics or gingivitis. Why are these diseases dangerous? The answer to this question can give another field of dentistry – parodontics. This section diagnoses gum disease according to four pathologies: stomatitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease and gingivitis.


Depending on the pain location, type of injury and disease symptoms, there are several diseases of the oral cavity:

  • Stomatitis is characterized by pain in the mouth, caused by ulcer formations, gums swelling and bleeding.
  • Gingivitis is considered a precursor to periodontal disease. It is diagnosed in case of patient’s complaints of gums bleeding, increased sensitivity while brushing teeth, pain when eating certain food and drinks.
  • Periodontitis is a dangerous inflammation extending to the bone. The region of infection contains a large number of pathogenic microorganisms that contribute to the destruction of the root tooth.
  • Periodontal disease is characterized by systemic lesions, when the neck of teeth is exposed and gums experience severe itching. In this case dentists prescribe complex examination and, in case of illness, there will be prescribed conservative teeth treatment.

All of these diseases increase teeth sensitivity which leads to their loosening and subsequently to their loss.

Specialists of the dental clinic “Smile Studio” successfully cope with periodontal diseases, using modern methods of treatment. When it comes to diagnostics and therapy, they also apply the newest equipment and tools which enable accurate determination of cause and prescribing complex therapy, effectively eliminating the disease and factors of its development.


Dental clinic ‘Smile Studio” on the Left Bank applies the same treatment methods as leading foreign centers.

First of all, following priority measures of periodontal treatment are carried out:

  • Professional hygienic cleaning. Modern European installations with soft orthopedic chairs which take shape of the body provide comfort to all patients during the procedure.
  • Processing of the affected zone of the outer area of the tooth
  • Selection and application of procedures, aimed at ensuring further strengthening of dentogingival junction.

In severe cases of periodontal diseases, the doctor will prescribe appropriate treatment in one of the directions:

  1. Periodontal surgery, including surgical curettage.
  2. Conservative parodontics – periodontal treatment of different degrees of complexity. Vector appliance is used for treatment and prevention of periodontal disease and removal of microbial biofilm.
  3. Plastic parodontics. Our specialists carry out flap operations, recession coverage and other complex interventions at the highest level.

Our operating room is equipped with most modern installations and safe computer anesthesia STA, whilst dentists have extensive surgical experience.

In addition, clinic’s specialists will give you tips on proper oral care, for instance, what toothpaste will be most suitable for you. Dangerous inflammation processes are starting with improper dental care. This factor points to the necessity of getting professional advice on the appropriate treatment, because strong gums guarantee your teeth secure foundation for maintaining natural shine of a beautiful smile.

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