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Services of modern orthodontics include a procedure demanded by many people – alignment of the teeth row or correction of malocclusion. Modern procedure of teeth alignment in comparison with old methods is simple, painless and aesthetic. Dental center “Smile Studio” at the address Kiev, Yuri Shumsky 5 str., Berezniaky district, offers a simple and easy solution to this problem. Sometimes bite correction requires using implants for orthodontic purposes.


In the process of correcting the dentition, using implants, there appears a slight pressure on teeth which are subjected to displacement. Teeth-retainers serve as support and resistance to displaced teeth. Of course, they should be healthy and strong to help straighten crooked teeth. Teeth-retainer cannot often withstand the pressure and thus begin to shift. In this case, specialists of the clinic “Smile Studio” install orthodontic implants to create additional fixing elements in the treatment process.


This procedure is completely safe and painless. Many people confuse the process of surgical implantation with the process of installation of orthodontic implants. It is not the same. More so, installation of such a system does not require subsequent recovery. After the procedure the patient does not feel pain, only a little discomfort till he adapts to changes in the oral cavity.


Specialists of the clinic “Smile Studio” carry out microimplant installation into the bone tissue. This system is a small titanium screw which is embedded in the lower or upper jaw. Created support helps shift the crooked teeth in the right direction. Microimplants are made of titanium or an alloy thereof. To perform this procedure dentists of the clinic use high-tech equipment.

The purpose of microimplants:

  • Speedup of the treatment process and achievement of aesthetic effect afterwards
  • This support is a good and solid foundation for the displacement of crooked teeth. Located deep in the bone tissue microimplants are not subjected to displacement. Before their installation doctors of the dental center perform a comprehensive examination using wireless X-ray Apixia which enables to make X-ray images in the most remote places.
  • Microimplant installation, which is performed with painless computer anesthesia STA, solves the problem of teeth crowding, fan-shaped divergence on the lower or upper dentition.
  • This system is installed by deep or open bite

This method of teeth straightening allows you to avoid surgery.

Predictability of such treatment is high enough. In certain clinical situations it is virtually impossible to achieve the desired result in the process of correcting the bite and teeth straightening without implantation. That is why, microimplants are the most successful, efficient and proper solution to this problem.

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